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Happy birthday to Queen @lauren_smith12 . She’s a person that I truly value in my life that holds me to the absolute highest standard. I appreciate you Lease! 
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☆☆☆☆☆WEEK 4 BABY☆☆☆☆☆

Done done donezo! Today, @herbanaturelover had a major breakthrough, super proud of you! Queen @kharmonyfortune brought her room mate who we loved having! Miss @thetheresamarie came and it was her THIRD workout of the day, and @jasziiallday killed power round! And super shout out to @lizkarma for DOING EVERYTHING! ROO! Come out and bring a friend and learn about nutrition and fitness. 
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King @gbj808 the Que Dawg, Football Player, Engineer, Father, Husband, Business Owner is nothing short of amazing at everything. Traveling and inspiring the world is the tip of the iceberg. He helps anyone who needs it and he is intelligent about it. I’m glad to have you on this journey with me Que! ROO to the teamface.
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So I’m in my favorite mailbox place sending off love to the team, and I meet @naturi4real through a conversation she was having with @mdwalkz because her shirt read “HERBALIFE”. Apparently her friend bought it from some 3rd party site and we heavily frown upon that because that doesn’t come with a health coach and it’s against our guidelines! Next thing you know that friend is coming to Street Cardio! Then she mentions her father, grandfather, and brother are all my frat brothers, ROO! Then she said her personal trainer @iammorganlegaux lives in NOLA, I said @shanda1922 lives there too! Yall don’t even wanna hear about what Sir Morgan and I discussed, let’s just say there is no such thing as COINCIDENCES, this was supposed to happen and it’s going to be beautiful! Check out Naturi on Season 1 of POWER on the STARS network! #3lw #herbalife #starteam #starpower #starteamnola
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EVERYONE’S A STAR! ☆ (at Mailbox Toluca Lake)

Señor @edwinjbennett is doing right and killing everything right now. Mindset on 1000% creating a healthy future for him and his family. With another year comes more wisdom for the hermit sage. #shaolinbow #herbalife #herbaheroes #starteam #teamvictorious #strikersallstars #roommates
 (at Marina Harbor)