☆Who are the 5+ people you hang around☆

Me? Oh just some inspirational, healthy, sexy, entrepreneurial, motivational, goal-driven, gladiators in suits Superheroes. So what does that make me?
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It’s AUGUST 1st. Yay! Soon it will be
September 1st. Shortly thereafter, it will be
October 1st, Followed by November 1st.
Now when DECEMBER 1st rolls around,
DON’T SAY (man I should’ve started my
nutrition plan a couple months ago when
I saw that awkward blue background and
green font post about starting a nutrition
plan). #startnow #herbalife #starteam
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Soooooo, i really like froyo right….(frozen yogurt). Pecans and Pralines goes hard in the paint! Yeah so I figured out a more healthy version, Yep, Herbalife does it again, and it’s way better than butter Pecan ice cream (just make it thicker by using less water) or use 30 cal. almond milk. Guys, ladies, let’s stop putting crap in our bodies and fuel it with what it needs :)
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Men’s Health, a super credible health and wellness magazine has deemed Cristiano Ronaldo, the 6’1”, 176 lb. Fútbol Champion from Portugal as the fittest man alive! He is “The ultimate mix of speed, strength, and stamina”.

Hmmm. I wonder what nutrition plan he’s on??? Due to sponsorship guidelines and conflict of interest issues, there were no quotes or mentions of any nutrition plan, it was all fitness. However, when they published this, they knew members like me would get the word out, we are a “word of mouth” company. Cristiano uses the products, period. 
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What do you do day to day?
Do you wake up and go to work? So do I.

Do you have purpose? So do I.

Do you work with people? So do I.

Are you happy? Me too!

Do you look fwd: to clocking in? I do!

Do you authentically care about the people around you, or can you not wait for 5 o’clock to strike? Ha ha, I’ve been there. 

Do you work your job or career out of venerable intention or does it just pay nice, and have good benefits? I suppose this is one of the topics of life, true happiness, and “why are we here”. Aside from religion, ask yourself, “do I have a purpose, and what am I doing about it”?

I may have an idea for you. 
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CALL ME NOW.  (at Villa Nutrition)

@splackwilliams and @arealtycoonboss are coming to work you out! GO! All are welcomed, Grown & Sexy encouraged :)
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☆☆☆Sweet Peachy Peach☆☆☆

Whew! Between “Very Very Raspberry” and this one…. Idk! I mean I’m experimenting with all healthy things and this is what my taste buds get? Wow! 

•2 scoops f1 orange cream
•1 scoop vanilla pdm
•1 scoop peach mango bev mix
•peach Greek yogurt
•frozen peaches
•dash of peach herbal tea concentrate
•mango herbal aloe concentrate

I feel like I work at the smoothie shop. Uh oh! Idea! So yeah, I woke up like this. And throughout my day I eat like this (the lcm’s depicted) and also 2 protein based snacks that you DON’T EVEN WANNA KNOW ABOUT. YOU’RE NOT GONNA BELIEVE IT!
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1st day back and a complete success! Man I love showing people what’s possible! Also I love the togetherness! Today was only the rough draft, after a few edits and syntax corrections the final copy will be nothing less than a superior A+!
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For my next lesson I’m going to teach you how to perform a selfie-bomb.
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☆☆☆This came in the mail and made me happy☆☆☆

The new Herbalife promotional item is right on time. When I travel I’m going to have the Herbalife SKIN medallion on my suit bag, oh kill em. Also I workout outside in the hot sun alot, so to prevent “raccoon face” I have the new spf 30 skin cream, oh slay em! I remember my friend lulu who does makeup told me to see a dermatologist and to start using sun block. Well lulu, I got sunblock lol half way there!
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☆☆☆In Herbalife we get rewarded for getting people healthy☆☆☆

For the 2015 vacation I declare that I will be there, and have 4 or more people with me! So I ask, who’s coming??? Who are the 4 or more??? Anything is possible my friends,  ANYTHING!
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