The STARLETS were on their worst behavior tonight! 3 complete rounds of circuit training and they beasted it! We’re here every Tuesday 7pm, characters welcome! People were inspired, lives were changed ☆
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These 4 women are some of the most consistent people I know. Nah it ain’t genes, nah it ain’t “just for them”, nah they weren’t born with abs, nah they didn’t just drink a shake and get in shape, nah they haven’t always been this way, nah it ain’t something you “can’t do”, nah its not a facade, nah you’re not seeing photoshopped abdominal muscles, nah these ain’t men with wigs on, yes all of them are shy (cept Nelly), so yes 75% of them are shy, yes 100% of them are consistent, yes they all are proud, yes they deserve to indulge in the mirror with a selfie and splurge on their hard work every now and then. 
When  first started my Herbalife journey I envisioned, not only men getting results and standing by my side, but also GEEKED UP amazonian women who would have results that outweighed the men! It’s happening, I call them “STARLETS”, by definition it means young women who have aspirations to become a star. My job is to empower them that they already are ;) ☆ (we have room for more)
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What’s your vision? How do you live? What are your goals? What do you see yourself as? Where are you at 3 years from now? Do you surround yourself with people who are nourishing or toxic? When you want to increase your life do people motivate you or discourage you? Do you have excuses or action steps? 
#herbalife #teamherbalife #increaseyourlife (at Torrance Beach, CA)
Met some ladies of Gamma Phi Beta after the beach workout in San Diego yesterday, they were selling lemonade as a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness. I am a big supporter of saving the tatas! I quickly showed them how good Herbalife Lemonade H3O + 24 Hydrate was and donated all the cash in my pocket. Lives were changed, people were happy. 
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☆☆☆☆☆MISSION BAY☆☆☆☆☆

These people were fired up this morning, I forgot how hard beach workouts can be! My man @anewhustle and the guild CRUSHED the workout, then we told stories and drank Herbalife H3O mixed with Hydrate ooohhhhh! I had fun and met many new people! Thanks for having us guys, now I gotta checkout this hotel before they jump ya boy!
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Hitting San Diego to get in some beach fitness with @anewhustle and the Herbalife gang out there. I always hear so much about it and it looks so much fun! The ninja is otw!
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I’M BRINGING PRODUCT! (at 3190 Mission Blvd San Diego, CA)
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I’m overjoyed that I’m getting back some of my speed, agility, and stamina that I had in high school. I’m glad I am backed by a wave of green people who want to see me succeed in my journey. The secret is, (I do it for them) this way we all help each other, and we all benefit. To my man @chicob07 I look up to you, and thank you for having the patience to deal with so many passionate spirits on the daily. Everybody, we’re us! WE get to do this together, if not us, who? If not now, when? Call me and get started on your nutrition plan, attract things in your life you haven’t attracted before by doing different things we acquire different treasures. ☆
818.305.4783 ☆
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I grew so much this morning and had an absolute blast! Thank you to the leadership for extending the invitation  was more than obliged to take the offer! I absolutely can not wait to do it again! I was mist touched by seeing everyone’s faces in tune with the rhythm of the message we delivered. Thank you @mdwalkz for being an excellent co-host and #rideordie. Thank you God for giving me the power of free will, the power to empower, and the power to learn, and thank you Herbalife! 
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