This was after 4 rounds of cornhole and 1 bad game of badminton. 
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In the picture with the reigning champs of cornhole!
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When we came, we got nothing but love, enjoyment, and satisfaction out of our experience here. There is a bunch of leaders here being groomed to empower the masses! Thank you for giving us your time, love, and attention! It is us that learned the most from this, thank you!
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Some of my clients have been asking for more examples of what complex carbohydrates are. This one right here is bomb, I haven’t cooked it myself yet but any Mediterranean restaurant should have it. To me or tasted close to a quinoa salad. Mix this with a lean protein and veggies when you eat for ultimate results. 
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Absolutely flew past my mind that I got these gifts today. I’m the most non-shoppingest person alive. When I do shop I ask: “can I have everything on the mannequin”? I really dk what I’m doing when I wear clothes. Hence why I don’t shop. I do know how to put on a suit doe.
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Yeah so this is kinda what we do…Erlangen memories for the 5 year old version of me consisted of tecmo bowl, nobunaga’s ambition, baseball simulator 1,000, magic of scheherazade, super mario bros 2, crystalis, destiny of an emperor, dragon warrior, final fantasy etc… to name a few. Pretty much when your mom is deployed in the army in the late 80s, you play Nintendo all day with your older siblings and pops. Yall don’t see the Ninja Turtles shoes doe!
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Althea Gibson was an American tennis player and professional golfer, and the first black athlete to cross the color line of international tennis. In 1956, she became the first person of color to win a Grand Slam title. She is a graduate of my alma mater Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University.
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Today is a benchmark in society. Happy 30th birthday to my love @mdwalkz. I never knew that I would find somebody to put up with me. I’m radically bonkers. Enough about me. This one right here… She’s Uncanny… The Phoenix… The FLOTUS, she’s yyooouuurrrrr queeeennnn tooooo beeeeeee! Simply AYE MAY ZING! Idk how she does it. Insane health results, super intelligent kindergarten teacher, great habits, positive outlook on life, the best set of ears you’ve ever seen, beauty to rival that of Cleopatra and Nefertiti of the Nile, monstrous work ethic lie a mad scientist, and the LOYALTY is off the Richter scale. This woman is an 8.0 earthquake of pure unfiltered EUPHORIA. Happy birthday baby. 
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Blackstar is a fictional story of a protagonist that wields the “Star Sword” and the evil overlord has ther other half,  “Power Sword”. That inspired this post. 
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Jim Rohn nailed it on the head with this one. What I noticed growing up paying video games and contrasting that to real life experiences was that obstacles are usually overcome more efficiently with unified cooperation and teamwork. Things like passing the joy stick to your older cousin so he could beat a stage for you was essential to growth, not only did you go to the next level, but you trusted someone else with your “video game life”. All the people depicted here, I’d pass my joy stick to, why? Because we’re all building the same “video game”, at the same time, by doing the same things, and there is massive unified cooperation. The last boss is much simpler to folly when there is 2-4 players. 
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